Rob Cummings Consulting

“Staggering fundraising achievement does not come from asking for
money. Asking, yes (I prefer to think of it as an invitation, or an
investment opportunity), but not asking for money.

“It comes from helping the donor believe they can help make the world a better place. What their gift will make possible. If they imagine it, if they have the capacity to help, and if there is the invitation to do so, that is how major gifts happen.”

From Major and Planned Gifts Unmasked

For more than four decades Rob Cummings has been a development leader and a thought leader for many of the Chicago area’s most respected institutions. Today, Rob Cummings Consulting guides capital campaigns, coaches gift officers and helps nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and around the world build strong, sustainable development programs.

“You have indeed mastered the art of fundraising and the ability to delight and inspire the rest of us.”

“I wish I could unscrew the top of my head, unscrew the top of your head, and pour what’s in your head into mine.”

“I think of you in the same category as Si Seymour and Jerry Panas–brilliant teachers of the art of development work.”

When you need experience, not “corporate,” when you don’t see the path forward and need someone who does, and when you need a partner who will listen, you can reach us here.