Rob Cummings Consulting

“We fret about things that really don’t matter to our donors. We spend way too much time thinking about HOW donors will make their gift. Our task is to help them understand WHY they should invest in us. How donors give will change. Why the donor gives has remained the same for a hundred years, and always will.”

from Winning: The Five Truths of Fundraising

For more than four decades Rob Cummings has been a development leader and a thought leader for many of the Chicago area’s most respected institutions. And since 2008, The Weekend Briefing Plus has taught and inspired fundraisers across the United States and around the world.

“You have indeed mastered the art of fundraising and the ability to delight and inspire the rest of us.”

“I wish I could unscrew the top of my head, unscrew the top of your head, and pour what’s in your head into mine.”

“I think of you in the same category as Si Seymour and Jerry Panas–brilliant teachers of the art of development work.”

Rob Cummings Consulting is helping advancement shops right now develop relationships and uncover fundraising opportunities. If you would like to talk about how Rob can help you and your team, you can reach him here.

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