A Rare Interview with the Founder of Moves Management

I’ve seen board members bristle at the mention of “moves management.”

I get it.  It is an easily misunderstood term.  Donors, including board members, aren’t chess pieces to be moved around.

The concept of thinking through how to accompany a donor, or prospective donor, from where they are now to the point where they are best prepared to receive the invitation you want to extend to support your organization – that is a necessary and time-tested concept to further your mission and their philanthropy.

Seen as it is intended to be seen, moves management is not manipulative but instead an important means to an end.

The idea was created by David Dunlop and G.T. “Buck” Smith in the 1960’s, when they served as senior development officers at Cornell University.  Mr. Dunlop went on to a storied career as vice president for development at Cornell while Mr. Smith served as a college president and consultant.

I stumbled upon this interview with Dave Dunlop from a couple years ago and hope you’ll find it as fascinating as I do.  https://bit.ly/2JK2aQc

It’s increasingly rare to hear from one of the original pioneers of our field.

Dave Dunlop is the real deal.

Have a good day, my friends.

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