More Things I Like

What’s in my fundraising tool kit:

  1. National Car Rental’s Emerald Club. The shuttle bus from the airport to the rental car lot. Ever wonder why half the folks on the bus hop out where National’s cars are parked?  Because just like the commercial says, they pick any car – and go.
  2. A handwritten note with a handwritten envelope and a live stamp. Irresistible to a donor. Guaranteed to be remembered. Like the doctor says, “Two, every day.”
  3. Binder clips. If you have paper clips attaching papers in your hard files, the day will come when a crucial piece of paper gets attached to something else by mistake, and can’t be found. Trust me, that is not fun.
  4. Business cards with a blank reverse side. So you can write a personal note there.
  5. Southwest Airlines, Southwest’s A-List, and TSA-Pre. What I count on when I travel.
  6. Confirming. A simple call or email to confirm that donor appointment will, someday, save you tremendous time and aggravation.
  7. Listening. The best donor research there is. The best prospect research happens across the prospect’s kitchen table.

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