Major and Planned Gifts Unmasked

The Weekend Briefing for January 4, 2023

The package was on my desk when I got back from a donor visit. It was the biggest manila envelope I’d ever seen.

Inside were a letter from Jerry Panas and a three-ring binder holding the original manuscript of his book, “Asking.” Would I read it and tell him what I thought of it?

The manuscript was a masterpiece and I told him so. But I kept thinking, “It’s more than asking.”

It’s how to get that first visit, and building a relationship with that donor. It’s understanding how to say thank you in a way that matters, not being afraid of planned giving, and how one simple thing can capture 90% of the planned gifts you might ever receive.

It’s knowing how to get the President and board members to roll up their sleeves and help. And a lot more.

I wanted to write that book.

“Major and Planned Gifts Unmasked” is available now on #amazonbooks , and at

Dan Reagan wrote the Forward. He managed two billion-dollar-plus campaigns for the University of Notre Dame. Dan told me, “You’ll make it simple to understand how major and planned gifts really work. Too many people make it so complicated!”