Not Being Afraid

“Can I tell you something that may shock you? There are a great many fundraisers who would rather leave their job than admit they don’t know how to do something.”

There. I said it. Now I waited for the disapproving look, the smirk, or a roll of the eyes.

But this veteran fundraiser did none of that. Instead she told me, “You’re absolutely right.”

That’s an awful truth of ours.

Is that you? Do you feel lost sometimes, or a little bit unsure? Do you know someone like that? It’s okay to feel that way. Trust me, everyone does at some point.

We hope no one sees it in us, but we sure wish there was someone, or some thing we could turn to.

How’s this:

The things you know about major gifts fundraising you didn’t realize you knew.

Specific steps for getting the first visit. Your one goal for that first visit, 95% of the time.

How to build a relationship with a donor.

The eight words that will get your Board members to help you.

How to make the donor feel truly appreciated for their gift.

The one thing you can do, in 1% of your time, to capture 90% of your organization’s planned gifts potential, and,

A step-by-step plan to get your President involved in fundraising, effectively.

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