The Reckoning

Do you hear the sound of engines revving in the distance? That’s the sound of hundreds – thousands – of development shops gearing up as the pandemic wanes. Fundraisers hitting the road. In-person visits. Special events being scheduled. In a few months that distant sound will be a roar. Organizations across the nonprofit landscape willContinue reading “The Reckoning”

Donor Contact: Email, Phone, or What?

“A donor has invited me to contact her, but I don’t know her preferred means of communication!  Help!” There are only four, thank goodness!  Email, text, phone, or handwritten note.  Very rarely these days will you send a letter, especially if you are looking for a timely reply. If your connect with the donor wasContinue reading “Donor Contact: Email, Phone, or What?”

What’s In a Call Report?

I’m often asked, “What is best practice to include in a summary of a fundraising donor visit?” Here’s what I do: To me, they’re “call reports.”  Never include anything in a call report you would not want your donor to read.  The odds are, they never will, but donors do have the legal right toContinue reading “What’s In a Call Report?”