Donor Contact: Email, Phone, or What?

“A donor has invited me to contact her, but I don’t know her preferred means of communication!  Help!” There are only four, thank goodness!  Email, text, phone, or handwritten note.  Very rarely these days will you send a letter, especially if you are looking for a timely reply. If your connect with the donor wasContinue reading “Donor Contact: Email, Phone, or What?”

What’s In a Call Report?

I’m often asked, “What is best practice to include in a summary of a fundraising donor visit?” Here’s what I do: To me, they’re “call reports.”  Never include anything in a call report you would not want your donor to read.  The odds are, they never will, but donors do have the legal right toContinue reading “What’s In a Call Report?”

The Three Relationships with Every Major Gift Prospect

Remember the Manager, the Prime, and the Asker. Those three roles exist in every major gifts relationship.  Go ahead, think about one of your donors.  Who is the Prime?  Who is the person your donor best relates to, is most comfortable with?  Who does your donor think of most often when he or she thinksContinue reading “The Three Relationships with Every Major Gift Prospect”