Meet Mrs. McGillicuddy

Mrs. McGillicuddy walked through the front door and went straight to the Main Desk.  “Hello, I would like to see the President, please.”  The receptionist smiled and said, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but the President is in a Board Meeting and can’t be disturbed.” “Dear, I know she is in a Board Meeting.  That’s why IContinue reading “Meet Mrs. McGillicuddy”

Major Gifts in Ten Minutes a Day

We were having coffee and my friend looked panicky. “What’s the matter?” “Rob, it’s nearly September and I’m not getting out.  I haven’t made a visit in a month.  My plate is so full right now I can’t imagine finding the time to get a visit.  I need a whole day, but it’s not goingContinue reading “Major Gifts in Ten Minutes a Day”