The Three Relationships with Every Major Gift Prospect

Remember the Manager, the Prime, and the Asker. Those three roles exist in every major gifts relationship.  Go ahead, think about one of your donors.  Who is the Prime?  Who is the person your donor best relates to, is most comfortable with?  Who does your donor think of most often when he or she thinksContinue reading “The Three Relationships with Every Major Gift Prospect”

Meet Mrs. McGillicuddy

Mrs. McGillicuddy walked through the front door and went straight to the Main Desk.  “Hello, I would like to see the President, please.”  The receptionist smiled and said, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but the President is in a Board Meeting and can’t be disturbed.” “Dear, I know she is in a Board Meeting.  That’s why IContinue reading “Meet Mrs. McGillicuddy”

Major Gifts in Ten Minutes a Day

We were having coffee and my friend looked panicky. “What’s the matter?” “Rob, it’s nearly September and I’m not getting out.  I haven’t made a visit in a month.  My plate is so full right now I can’t imagine finding the time to get a visit.  I need a whole day, but it’s not goingContinue reading “Major Gifts in Ten Minutes a Day”