Major Gifts in Ten Minutes a Day

We were having coffee and my friend looked panicky. “What’s the matter?” “Rob, it’s nearly September and I’m not getting out.  I haven’t made a visit in a month.  My plate is so full right now I can’t imagine finding the time to get a visit.  I need a whole day, but it’s not goingContinue reading “Major Gifts in Ten Minutes a Day”

Gifts of Mutual Fund Shares and U.S. Savings Bonds

The first time I received a gift of mutual fund shares I thought “Yea!” and set about liquidating the gift in the same way I would process a gift of appreciated stock. NOTE! I neglected to mention something very, very important in yesterday’s blog about stock gifts.  Each and every time you receive a giftContinue reading “Gifts of Mutual Fund Shares and U.S. Savings Bonds”

Bequests or Annuities?

Proactive.  Reactive.  That’s the difference between your approach to bequest marketing and other types of planned gifts. We find gentle, but consistent ways to invite our donors to remember our organization in their will or estate plan because that’s where 85% or more of all planned gifts come from. (I just read today about theContinue reading “Bequests or Annuities?”