Should Board Members “Give and Get”?

Earlier today a subscriber to the Briefing wrote me with this question: “Should board members be expected to ‘give and get?’  From last night’s Weekend Briefing, I’m not sure about your thoughts on this.   We have new leadership on our board and trying to get our board more engaged in fundraising.  Everyone I know atContinue reading “Should Board Members “Give and Get”?”

A Rare Interview with the Founder of Moves Management

I’ve seen board members bristle at the mention of “moves management.” I get it.  It is an easily misunderstood term.  Donors, including board members, aren’t chess pieces to be moved around. The concept of thinking through how to accompany a donor, or prospective donor, from where they are now to the point where they areContinue reading “A Rare Interview with the Founder of Moves Management”