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Major Gifts Book Sneak Peek

We’re halfway through! Since last Fall, and continuing now for the next six months, subscribers to The Weekend Briefing Plus receive bi-weekly installments from our new book, “(Everything I’ve Learned in 44 Years About) Major and Planned Gifts.” It’s not too late to sign up! Just click on the Subscribe link at Here’s aContinue reading “Major Gifts Book Sneak Peek”


Excerpted from Winning: The Five Truths of Fundraising, available in print, audiobook and eBook on I was having coffee with a friend of mine. She’s the director of development for a wonderful nonprofit. Among other things we were talking about our year-end totals and all the thank-you letters those gifts precipitate. My friend hadContinue reading “Disappointment”

What If

For parents and teachers everywhere. “What If” And what if kids “lose” the school year? What if instead of learning math and reading, they learn how to cook?


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