New! Unmasked: The Book

Rob Cummings follows his acclaimed first book, Winning: The Five Truths
of Fundraising
by removing the mystery around the two hottest topics in
philanthropy today.

Major and Planned Gifts Unmasked has it all. In easy-to-understand
language, the reader will learn the classic, time-tested principles of the gift
cycle for major gifts, the one secret to capturing 90% of every organization’s
planned gifts potential and, most important, how to begin and grow
relationships with the donors making these gifts.

You’ll read stories about the importance of listening, why honesty pays, and
the anatomy of The First Visit.

With a Forward by Dan Reagan, who managed two billion-dollar-plus
campaigns for Notre Dame, Unmasked is destined to be the definitive guide
for newcomers to the field and veteran fundraisers alike.

If you truly want to understand – and succeed – in major and planned gifts,
this book is the resource you need.

“Once again Rob Cummings has loaded a manuscript with practical, specific steps that lead to success. “Unmasked” reads like a  blueprint for major gifts officers! This book will help veteran managers mentor new colleagues, and reminds all of us how we do our jobs best.”

Dan Gunther
Assistant Dean for Advancement, School of Engineering
Catholic University of America