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The Latest


The Third Resolution

“So,” you say, “what’s the third resolution?” You will recall at year-end we suggested there are three mantras, three resolutions that can guide your work in 2022 and beyond. The first? To be a person at peace, accepting the ups and downs of life and of our work and thereby, to acquire that most desiredContinue reading “The Third Resolution”

A “Can’t Miss”

We were cultivating our board chair for a seven-figure gift and I realized his spouse’s birthday was right around the corner. I also happened to know this nice lady was bonkers for cranberry nut muffins. Go figure. On the day, at 7:30AM I gently placed a wicker basket on their front doorstep with a prettyContinue reading “A “Can’t Miss””

The Two Magic Words

“Rob, you’ve seen so many Decembers in your career, so many year-ends. We’re bombarded with messages of ‘good cheer’ but for fundraisers it can be just the opposite! Every day brings stress, a new problem and a looming deadline. “Is there a secret to making it through these weeks without feeling overwhelmed? If there is,Continue reading “The Two Magic Words”

Chasing Windmills

Helen looked around the university’s Phonathon Center. It was in the basement of the administration building; tucked away, but spacious enough for their needs. Campus security was great about stopping by and making them feel safe, even late in the evening when the rest of the building was deserted. There were 20 caller cubicles butContinue reading “Chasing Windmills”


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