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Thoughts on “Team”

Your personal life. Your professional life. At work, your development team is your professional family. What makes a great team? The head of the team is, in many respects, the head of the family. That person has the responsibility to nurture the members of the team, to protect, and above all to provide leadership. JustContinue reading “Thoughts on “Team””

The Cafe

In a country far away, old friends sit around a table in a café drinking tea as they do every evening. “Can you believe what happened in Texas?” asked one. “The shooting?  Unbelievable.  Those poor children.  Their families.  I can’t imagine the pain. When will it stop?” They all were waiting for the elder ofContinue reading “The Cafe”

The Big 7

One of my all-time favorite country songs is by Reba McEntire, “(The World Ain’t Gonna Stop for) My Broken Heart.” It’s had five million views on YouTube, by the way. Our economy and our world are in a bit of tizzy at the moment. But as Reba suggests, life goes on. Fundraising does too. AtContinue reading “The Big 7”

Feeling Alone

“I would never admit this to anyone at the office, but it has been a long time since I felt excited about my job.  Most days, it’s an effort to just do the work.” Is that you?  There’s nothing wrong with you.  You’re not a bad person or a bad employee.  Everyone has “down days.”Continue reading “Feeling Alone”


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